Rebecca Laurey
Digital Influencer
Social Media &
Brand Consultant

13 Nov, 2016

Rebecca Laurey is currently living between Amsterdam and New York.  A digital nomad, using her carefully curated website to share her personal style, beauty tips and travel adventures.

Internationally recognised in the fields of fashion, digital and social media, plus e-commerce, Rebecca has collaborated with brands from Topshop to Hermes and Armani as social media and brand consultant, digital influencer, guest designer and ambassador.

She also featured as a guest on several commercial television networks over the years and was featured in print and online by the likes of VOGUE, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair and The New York Times among many.

Rebecca Laurey focuses on high quality content, documenting her journey each day as it comes, captivating imaginations all over the world.




What does a day in the life of Rebecca Laurey look like?

Everyday is different, it depends on where I am really. If I’m in Amsterdam my days are spent at the office mostly, with meetings here and there throughout the day. I’m not really a morning person, I usually start around 9.30/10.00. When I’m home, I love to cook after work. Because I travel a lot, I love spending time at home with friends and family! When I’m not in the office, I’m either boxing, brunching or shooting.


What’s your favourite thing about living in Amsterdam? And what about New York?

I love that Amsterdam is so unpretentious, it’s a really cosy city. I’ve been living there for almost 7 years, and all of my friends and family live around. And I love that I can do everything by bike! It’s really comfortable for me, whereas New York for me is still a big adventure! I love the energy, every single time I’m there it feels more like I’m “home” in a different way. I know my way around, have a group of friends, but I don’t have a place to live just yet. Who knows!




Can you tell us about your collaboration projects with Topshop, Hermes and Armani?

I work with a lot of different brands, from high end to high street. It varies from collection launches, events and product promotions. I really believe in longterm relations, building on that for months or even years. Collaborations for me need to be credible and close to my heart, with brands I love wearing or working with.


How do these kinds of opportunities come about?

It could come from both ways, but usually the brand PR approaches me and we figure out a way to work together that’s beneficial for both parties. I love thinking of concepts, a storyline that highlights where the client’s brand and mine come together. It’s giving and taking, investing in something longterm.




What do you think the key to holding and building a loyal following is?

Staying true to yourself, it may sound corny, but it is true. If you keep it close to who you are, your followers can grow with you. There’s already one of everyone else out there, you’d rather be yourself and thus unique.


How effective is Instagram for driving traffic to your website? 

Instagram likes to keep people in the app, so I don’t think it works as well for driving traffic as it could. You cannot click through on links apart from the one in your profile. I do think it’s good to use your Instagram as your business card, to show what you can do for a client. You can post snippets from the posts of your blog to trigger your follower’s attention. It’s really a great tool!




What’s your process for planning content like?

I tend to do it a little on the go, but I always plan a bit in advance. I’m very specific in how I want my timeline to look, so that needs some prepping. Basically it’s a mix between preparing in advance enough to be consistent, leaving enough space to be creative and spontaneous.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I get inspiration everywhere, but the main source must be my travels. Meeting so many different people from different locations, it’s a very privileged life.




What makes good quality content?

I think it’s important to have good quality photography on my channels, but also to create content that you don’t see everywhere else already. That’s a challenge though, but I guess it’s a good one.


Who is the most inspiring person you’ve ever met and why?

There’s not just one person, but I loved meeting the two girls that I now call two of my best friends Zanita [Whittington] and Andy. They’ve been in the scene for so long, and taught me so much about how the business works. But more importantly: next to understanding what I do, they are there for me in so many different ways too. We don’t like talking about work too much, prefer to chat about stuff that “really matters” like where to travel to or what to have for dinner 🙂


Have you got any exciting projects coming up?

Yes! Everything usually is pretty last minute, but definitely some exciting travels the next few months – so stay tuned.



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