beanlinked Global Coffee Network

Marketing & Communications Strategy & Consultation

beanlinked is a new online platform that connects coffee farmers to coffee drinkers, and everyone in between. It aims to improve the ethical and sustainable growth of coffee around the world.

What started as an idea to promote the sharing of knowledge between farmers has grown into a social platform that has benefits for exporters, roasters, importers, cafes and consumers.

Just imagine – you’re sipping a long black on a Melbourne laneway, you ask your barista where the bean came from, and you can jump on beanlinked and give direct feedback to the family who grew it in Nicaragua. Consumers can also sign up to the free web app to track down the best coffee, wherever they are in the world.

beanlinked is backed and co-owned by Toby Smith, and he and founder, Bill Ballard, are currently touring coffee growing regions in a bid to meet and introduce as many farmers to the beanlinked community as possible.

Wherever they are in the world – South and Central America, Asia and Africa – coffee farmers can now create a profile on beanlinked that shows the varieties they grow, their processing and drying methods, the altitude and size of the farm – criteria that is essential information for the discerning roaster.

This complete transparency allows a roaster to search for specific beans, and then work backwards to the exporter who services the farm or region, rather than relying blindly on the exporter. beanlinked also opens up opportunities to pre pay, and request a particular variety grown in specific conditions.

“beanlinked is a timely initiative. It fits with the industry’s momentum as we progress to a better place. The next generation will only be attracted to a specialty coffee industry with ethics and sustainability at its heart, and beanlinked provides a social platform that expands across all aspects and people within the coffee world.”

– Toby Smith co-owner



Wild Minded was engaged as marketing consultants to the internal beanlinked marketing team, working across all forms of marketing including communications, social media, digital marketing, and content creation. @beanlinked