Paul Fuentes
Graphic Designer
Mexico City

18 Oct, 2016

Paul Fuentes is a graphic designer, based in Mexico City, who enjoys staging everyday objects into surreal and colourful compositions creating pop mashups. We here at Wild Minded were so captivated by his striking and playful designs we had to find out more!


How would you describe your style?

I can say it’s the new pop art. The style is modern, minimal, colourful, surreal, photography. It has a creamy pastel aesthetic.




Where do you find inspiration for a new artwork?

From everywhere. I use everyday objects, so basically I need to be open to creativity 24 hours a day. It can come from many places – jokes, sayings, songs, etc.



What is your creative process like?

It’s always different for each image but I normally use 2 objects to create a new one, so I start with one and then try to find its other half. For me it’s like a marriage, both objects need to adapt in many ways like shape, size, colour.


You’ve got a massive following of almost 100,000 people on Instagram. Was there a certain point when it started taking off? How long did it take to get to this point?

Well yeah, when digital galleries and magazines started to repost my images, I started to upload the same style images. This started happening 1 year ago, so it has been really fast.




Do you put a lot of time and effort into maintaining your following? How often are you creating and sharing new designs?

Yes my followers are important, they help me a lot with many things, starting with reposting my images, but also they let me know if someone steals or doesn’t give credit. I post normally every 2 to 3 days.


You’ve got quite an extensive online store! How long have you had the store for? What came first, Instagram or the store?

Yes, the Instagram was first. I’m in more or less 10 to 15 stores around the world, and I have a great society6 store that works really well.



Do you use Instagram as a tool for driving people to your website, for potential commercial jobs, or to sell works?

Instagram is the tool that helps me share my work, it’s like my interactive business card. So it all depends, some people contact me directly and some go directly to my store, it depends on what they want.




Do you collaborate with brands on digital content design? Tell us about the different kinds of projects you’ve worked on..

I’ve worked with brands big brands, also worked with Instagram brand accounts too, posts for movies, and even editorial work like covers for magazines and books. I created a post for the new Tim Burton movie called Miss Peregrine and the Peculiar Kids. I also did the new Trident campaign for Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.


Can you offer other designers a few tips on how to successfully monetise your creativity?

Think globally, there are many ways to sell your design and many people that will be interested. Show your work in the best way possible, and see how people react to it. 



What’s your favourite design you’ve ever worked on?

JellyBurger is one of my favourites… I think its so crazy and creative and that makes me feel special. It actually was a mistake while I was making a sketch and the ink fell down in the hamburger, so that was the moment to change direction.




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