Fashion Designers

29 May, 2017

You might think to look at their otherworldly clothes that Dyspnea’s designers locked holographic horns on a pink beach in another universe. Close. They emerged from a growing collective of creatives in Perth, Western Australia, and design for bold girls and the occasional boy as an outlet for their neon dreams.

Dyspnea showcased at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia this year and we were there with our client AUST. to capture the action aboard a boat on Sydney Harbour.



Inspiration behind the collection?

What we would wear but spicier, our favourite pieces in our wardrobe.


Why is it called Pussy Posse?

We nickname our household the Pussy Palace – it represents our brand – Girls on their own agenda.



If Pussy Posse was a person, how would they introduce themselves?

“Oh hey girl.”


Where do we find the Dyspnea girl wearing Pussy Posse and what is she doing?

There is no perfect time and place our girls wear it making breakfast until the wee hours in the morning in dark digs.



Talk us through your design process.

We really focus on our customers and friends and what they feel comfortable in. A friend will be like theres nothing out there for bigger busts thats fun and allows me to wear a bra so we will focus on a design that ticks these boxes – i.e. our bustier paired with our baby tee’s. 


What’s something new in this collection that Dyspnea hasn’t done before?

We are into baby pink denim this season. 



Describe the vision for the runway show. 

It isn’t a runway this year. This will be a installation our pieces presented on models aboard a yacht in the Sydney Harbour. 


What advice would you give yourself if you started in fashion all over again?

Don’t hesitate.



View original article at AUST. Magazine  and see more from Dyspnea at dyspnea.com.au or @dyspnea_