Eve Gunson
Interiors Blogger & Stylist
Dot + Pop

8 May, 2017

Dot + Pop is the brain child of Eve Gunson – lover of all things interior, home ware, design, architecture and renovation. Eve is a Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist by day and obsessed with interiors during the rest of her waking hours. Dot + Pop began firstly as an inspiring blog and has now evolved into an online home wares store and interior design and styling business.



Give us a bit of a background on Dot + Pop

Dot + Pop began because of my always evolving passion for interiors and design. I started the blog to inspire others and showcase the best of Australian and International designers and home wares – and it has now evolved into an online home wares shop, an interior design business as well as a styling business.


Why interiors, design & architecture? 

I come from a very creative family and have always loved designing, making and creating. When my partner Matt (who is a registered Builder with 17 years’ experience) and I started renovating houses together nearly 10 years ago my passion grew immensely and I realised that my love of design and interiors was more than just a passion, it was where I wanted my career to go, therefor starting Dot + Pop was a natural progression. Matt has an incredible eye for design and detail and his love of building and design continues to inspire me.



What role does the blogger have in society today? 

As we all know in today’s society everything is internet based – therefore bloggers have more influence than ever before. Whether it is for yourself, your business or your brand – blogging can influence just how successful you can be. Blogs and bloggers are an integral part of our day to day life, they become tools for research and knowledge, they inspire and they give honest, reliable opinions on just about everything out there!


What themes or styles do you pursue? 

My interior style is all about modern simplicity and texture. I love using raw materials such as timber, steel, concrete and stone – they create a modern, clean but also homely feel to your interior. When styling, again I tend to lean to toward natural materials to create layers, add new tones and to create warmth. My go to’s are wools, linen, timber, stone, steel and ceramic, all of these create depth but have a contemporary and minimalist look and feel. Materials and texture is everything when creating a space.



What architects, designers and stylists have been inspirational to your work? 

I get my inspiration from so many places and am inspired daily by the world and what it has to offer. When I have time I enjoy to read interior and architectural magazines – I love so many Australian architects and interior designers – their eye for detail and their imagination is so inspiring. My current go to’s are Figr Architecture, BE Architecture, Whiting Architects and Wellard Architects. I follow many inspiring stylists, my current favourites are Aimee Tarulli, Marsha Golemac and Alana Langan. Photographers such as Derek Swallel, Hannah Blackmore and Shannon McGrath are all incredible at their job. On Instagram I stalk many amazing and inspiring people, to name a few Oh Eight Oh Nine (Tarina Lyell) for her divine styling, Flack Studio for their stunning Interior Design and Inform Melbourne for their beautiful interiors.


What do you think makes a memorable and captivating post? 

Memorable posts are all about ingenuity and visually stunning content. Your readers want new and exciting content that inspires and motivates them. Additionally many of the most successful posts come from easy to read and factual blog posts – in a fast paced, time poor world, people want to grabbed in the first paragraph.



What do you want your audience to take away from your blog and Instagram? 

I want them to leave Dot + Pop feeling inspired, filled with knowledge and wanting to come back for more.


What motivates you to continue taking blogging while you’re also working full time? 

Interiors and Design are my passion therefore continuing blogging about them not only makes me happy but it furthers my grasp on the industry which I am moving more and more into. Matt and I will eventually build together full time, so the more knowledge I give others, I also give myself – I feel like I am gaining momentum within the interior design world by continuing to push boundaries with blogging and renovating, as well as showing people how they to can achieve their dream interior space.



What are some of your favourite books on interiors and architecture – what do you have about them? 
  • The Terrace House by Thames and Hudson – all of the houses Matt and I have renovated together have been in inner city Melbourne and all single fronted Victorian Terraces. This book is incredible for ideas and tips for designing small homes and transforming these beauties into modern, contemporary Australian homes but still with their stunning heritage and traditional aspects.
  • Houses 2 by Tom Kundig – a stunning book full of modern, contemporary and ground breaking architecture by Tom Kundig.
  • Concrete & Brick by Leonard Koren – Concrete takes a fresh look at the world’s most versatile and abundant building material. Collating fascinating and beautiful concrete buildings by some of the most celebrated architects of the last century.


How has social media played a role in your business? 

Social media has played the biggest role of all in creating a successful business for me – when building a brand social media is your best friend.

Keeping up to date with all your socials is one of the biggest ways of driving traffic to your website, engaging with your audience and showing the world who you are and what you are about.




What is your vision for the future of Dot +Pop? 

I love blogging and engaging with my audience through Dot + Pop the blog – so my aim is for the blog to become bigger and better, with more content and more incredible inspiration for my readers.

On the side of that, Matt and I will be designing and renovating our new home, which will be made in to ‘webispodes’ and shared on the blog – this will add another aspect to Dot + Pop, where people can watch exactly how we turn these run down, old homes into stunning new contemporary houses.

I also really enjoy helping others design and decorate their own homes so I will continue to consult and style for clients.


What advice would you give yourself if you started blogging all over again?  

My main advice would be to keep going, it doesn’t get easier but it definitely becomes more rewarding. The more the time you put into it, the more you get out of it and content is key, post as often as humanly possible!!!



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