Arnaud Ele
Photographer & Filmmaker

17 Dec, 2016

Arnaud Ele is a photographer and filmmaker, based in Switzerland. We here at Wild Minded are completely obsessed with his work and you’re about to see why! His aesthetic is timeless, and the character of his work is youthful and nostalgic. The locations of his photographs are breathtaking but that’s not surprising considering he’s based in the Swiss Alps. Now see for yourself.


Can you give us a bit of background on your career as a photographer and filmmaker?

My career as a photographer and filmmaker started in Geneva in 2014 in a film school. During this formation, I decided to begin as a freelancer photographer. It has been 3 years now.




Was it a natural progression into the industry?

The idea came to me very naturally. I felt I was ready to start and it was what I wanted. I had some friends who were already in the business and who encouraged me. I’ve met more and more artists during my career and sharing my time and work with them makes me love this job even more.




How would you describe the unique style that flows through all of your work?

My photographic style follows my evolution of life. I love warm and cold colours, I like capturing the atmosphere around me, inside and outside, digital or analogue. I like keeping an authentic touch and showing people what they would not have seen, making them feel what I felt, when I was shooting.




Your aesthetic is consistent through everything we see, including with your website design (which we love). As international photographer, how important is it to have a strong presence online? Is it worth investing your time and effort into a great website?

I think it is important to have your own website. This is very different from social media. To invest oneself in a website that represents you has a great value, especially when you have a certain visibility. The most important thing is to take the time to ensure the work on your website is represented coherently.




Have you been able to build your profile via the use of social media?

Social media has a big role to play with an artists career. It can give you great visibility and a certain fame. My Instagram account has had a great influence about my renown. Nowadays, social media plays an increasingly important role and it’s almost indispensable to use it.




You’re currently based in the Swiss Alps, that must be an incredibly inspiring place for a photographer to live?! What affects do your surroundings have on your inspiration, and your work?

The environment is very important for a photographer. Switzerland is a country that has so many beautiful places and landscapes. It is an authentic place full of hidden beauty. I wanted to shoot it and show it to people, that’s also a reason why I started photography.




What kind of commercial projects have you worked on?

I’ve had the chance to collaborate with many different brands and artists. The musical universe is one of the things that interests me the most lately, I often shoot with bands and singers.




How do you go about dissecting a client brief?

It is very important to be sensitive and responsive to the clients desires. The challenge is to highlight their products while maintaining your artistic touch. It can be pretty hard, especially when the product is hard to enhance, but when the client is happy with the photos, it’s very rewarding.




Whats the most important thing to you when taking a great photograph?

The most important thing when capturing a great picture is to be focused on everything that’s going on around you. The framing, the model’s attitude, the lights, all of those things make the beauty of the picture. I try to be very careful with the environment, to shoot it as authentic and real as possible.




What’s your favourite photograph you’ve ever taken?

It is very hard for me to choose the picture I like the most. The vision of my work has changed since the beginning, so I’d say that my first pictures are the one I like the least. The pictures I prefer are the ones that are the most valued to me. They are the ones I took of my friends and family while sharing a unforgettable moment. Looking at those pictures reminds me of the great time spent with them.




Check out more of Arnaud’s work at or @lostmyspirit